To provide the best water and sewer service possible to
                                        the inhabitants of the District at the lowest possible cost.


North Pecos Water & Sanitation District
6900 North Pecos Street
Denver, Colorado 80221

303-429-5770 voice and 24 hour emergency
303-650-8863 fax

Russell Traska, District Manager

Open 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday


North Pecos Water & Sanitation District purchases all potable water, which it eventually distributes through its mains and water system to the inhabitants of the District from the City and County of Denver. At present, the relationship between the District and the Denver Water Board is governed by a Master Meter Distributor's Contract.

By reason of this contract, the District is obligated to abide by the rules, regulations and engineering standards promulgated by the Denver Water Department. The District is also obligated to enforce these rules, regulations, standards and directives, which govern the use of water in the District's contract service area in order to maintain and preserve the purity and safety ofthe water supply.

The District does not own or operate any sewerage treatment facilities. All sewage effluent collected from the inhabitants of the District is transported by the District's sewermains and appurtenances thereto to the Metro Wastewater Reclamation District for treatment and disposal.

The District is a member and under contract with Metro Wastewater and, as such, is obligated to adhere to and enforce all sewerage effluent limitations adopted by Metro Wastewater.